Are you thinking about becoming a Pilates Instructor?

To take the Nation Pilates Certification Exam (NPCE) you need a minimum of 450 hours in length and cover mat and the following apparatuses:

  • - Reformer
  • - Trapeze Table
  • - Wunda Chair
  • - Ladder Barrel
  • - Spine Corrector
  • - Magic Circle

The Pilates Center in Boulder, CO, has created multiple programs to accommodate different hours of qualifications for varying levels of training. The minimum program is 450 hours to allow you to be able to take the NPCE test. It is highly recommended to do the Intermediate Program if you feel the Advanced is outside your comfort level. For more information about all the different programs, check out the teach page: The Pilates Center

I am a Host Advisor for The Pilates Center (TPC) in Boulder, CO. A Host Advisor is a graduate of the Advanced or Bridge Programs that has gone through the Host Advisor training. These graduates assist TPC with teacher training students in their area. TPC mentors the Host Advisors to complete advising and Observed Teaching appointments. The great thing about being a Host Advisor is how you don’t have to live in Boulder, CO, to become a certified Pilates Instructor. I live in Birmingham, AL, and if you are not close to me, I can also help you find the closest Host Advisor to you! Below is information on three of the different programs

Available Certifications


Hours Required: 450

Program Duration: 12 months

More Information

Intermediate Plus

Hours Required: 600

Program Duration: 12 months

More Information

Advanced Program

Hours Required: 950

Program Duration: 12 OR 18 months

More Information

To compare programs and more information about other Bridge programs can also be provided, or if you wish to compare different programs pricing you can find that information here: Compare Programs

If you have any questions on becoming a Pilates Instructor and want to reach out to me personally feel free to e-mail me.


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